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What is Book Review 22?

Book Review 22 is a service that helps authors pitch their books to reviewers and bloggers in an efficient, ethical and time-effective way. On the flip side, Book Review 22 helps book reviewers manage and curate book review submissions while also providing them with increased exposure for their reviews.

Why is Book Review 22 necessary?

Reviews are the lifeblood of any book, especially when it’s just been released. It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice or a veteran author, if your book has few reviews, your sales and exposure are going to take a hit.

Book Review 22 is also a great tool for book reviewers and bloggers — instead of sorting through endless emails, we provide an easy way for you to see the types of books that you’re interested in. (Plus, there’s lots of awesome incentives just for working with us!)

Where did the name come from?

Book Review 22 came from the phrase “Catch 22”. We believe that getting reviews, and selling books online overall is a “Catch 22”. People don’t buy and read books that don’t have numerous positive reviews but at the same time, you’ve got to entice people to read your books for them to review it. What’s an author to do?!

So these are paid reviews?

No. Absolutely not. We never guarantee that your book will receive a positive review, or that one of the reviewers we collaborate with will even read it. What you’re paying for is for Book Review 22 to deliver your book to reviewers who are interested in that genre. We’ll pitch your book so you have more time to write and work on other things.

How does it work?

Authors fill out the submission form, pay the pitching fee and then we send your book off to our network of independent reviewers. When the reviewers receive our email, they scan through the submissions and let us know which ones they’re interested in. When they finish the book and leave a review, via their blog or any of the online book retailers, we send you a link! Again, Book Review 22 doesn’t guarantee your book will be reviewed or that your book will receive a five-star review (It’s still up to you as the author to get a great cover, and then write an engaging synopsis. Hopefully, it doesn’t need to be said that you also need to write a great book!).

Awesome! Can I use Book Review 22 to send out an excerpt or advanced reader/beta copy of my book?

Sorry, no. Book Review 22 is for complete, published books only. Please DO NOT submit any excerpts, unpublished material or works-in-progress for us to pitch.

Is this legal?!

Yes! Book Review 22 is completely legal for both authors and readers/reviewers. We’re pitching book bloggers who review books on their site. If they wish to post their review to somewhere like Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Amazon or Goodreads, it’s their responsibility to comply to the terms and conditions on those sites.

Great, you’re guaranteeing I’ll get a five-star review!

Although we hope our reviewers love your book and have nothing but amazing things to say about it, we don’t guarantee you’ll receive a certain number of reviews or a specific rating. Again, Book Review 22 is a service that helps authors pitch their books to reviewers, not a reviewing service itself.

What if a book reviewer doesn’t like my book?

While Book Review 22 does our best to get your book to reviewers we believe will read and enjoy your book, we’re only responsible for pitching your book to reviewers, saving you the time of hunting down their sites and contact information. Just as if you pitched them to review your book, or they reviewed it on their own, we can’t (and wouldn’t want to) influence or control their opinions of your work.

What’s in it for the readers and reviewers?

Book reviewers and bloggers get hundreds of review requests each day. By signing up for Book Review 22, we help cut through the clutter, delivering you the books YOU want to read in a format that’s easy to browse and download through our partnership with Bookfunnel. To learn more, go here.

Where do I go from here?

If you’re an author and would like to submit a book for us to pitch, go here.

If you’re a reviewer who’d like to team up with Book Review 22, go here.