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At Book Review 22, we do everything in our power to put your book in front of reviewers we believe will read it and leave you a favorable review. For best results, please read over the following tips and guidelines before submitting:

  • Ensure your book is typo-free (professional editing is recommended).
  • Ensure your book has been properly formatted to .mobi and .epub and is error-free.
  • Ensure your book has a quality cover design that attracts attention.
  • Read through your synopsis and check for typos. Is there anything you can change to make it more appealing (remember, your book description is the first thing a potential reviewer reads).
  • If you want to pitch books in the same genre, it is more effective to submit them in different pitching cycles (we send books out to reviewers multiple times over a two week period). Submitting multiple books of the same genre at the same time puts your books in competition with one another to be reviewed.
  • DO NOT submit a book to a genre that it does not belong on. This will not get you more reviews. Our reviewers are very particular about which genres they want to review. We reserve the right to refund your submission if numerous reviewers complain that you’ve falsified your book’s description or genre. Repeat offenders may be blacklisted from our service.

Additional information

  • To ensure best results for you, the author, we only send a maximum of five books per genre to our reviewers each week.
  • If initial response to your book is below our average results, we will extend follow-up and pitching (at no additional cost to you).